Jan 05 2015


A new year is upon us.

It goes down this way in 2015:

5 a.m.
April 24, 2015
Point State Park, Pittsburgh

The route is calling you, is this the year you answer?



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Conquerors? Survivors?

Apr 26 2014

Congrats to all who have completed all or some of the 2014 edition of Crush the Commonwealth.

Check the follow page for lots of photos.

Share your finishing times and stories in the comments below.

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Crush the Commonwealth 2014

Nov 25 2013

5 a.m.
April 25, 2014
Liberty Bell, Philadelphia
See you there

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Totally non-official-just-some-numbers results

Apr 21 2013

Some riders are still out on the course, but here is what I’ve gathered so far. If you see errors or riders missing, just post in the comments.

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Share your ride or follow along

Mar 22 2013

So a lot of folks are live blogging, tweeting, gramming, liking, plus-one-ing and a lot of other stuff, so I’m going to try and centralize the updates for you.

The “official” tag for Instagram or Twitter is #crushthecommonwealth. Yes, it’s long, but you only have to type it in once. Your app will remember it and it will pop up after a few letters. #CTC is already taken by a bunch of random gobbledygook.

Friends, family and rivals can follow your progress on this page.

When you’re done, or quit, you can notify the authorities via that method, and we’ll figure out your total time via the timestamp.

Or you can text! I set up a text inbox. Simply send a text to crushthecommonwealth@textem.net (yes, it will work) and it pops into the inbox. If you feel like testing it out, just send a message and we’ll respond.

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Comments are on

Mar 22 2013

Turned that back on, sorry. If it doesn’t work, just let us know… by… sending a smoke signal or something.

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Dec 29 2012

April 19th, 2013

5:00 AM Point State Park.

Happy New Year, comrades.

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Ride Reports

May 02 2012

Lots of stories in the comments on the previous post and see here:

Eric G

Stef B

Dan B

Matt H (heed the blogger warning if you offend easily)

Anyone else?

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Finishing times.

Apr 29 2012

Start Time 5:15am Friday

2:32pm Saturday
Eric G
Gaven B

7:45pm Saturday
Matt H
Joe B

1:02am Sunday
Dan G
Max S

4:51am Sunday
Hans R
Rick S

9:10am Sunday
Adam N

5:45pm  Sunday
Paul Kilroy

7:49pm Sunday
Greg A
Stef B

10:02 pm Sunday
Dean Lovewell

12:20 am Monday

Big list, will figure out later

I’ll do the math for ride time once I get some confirmation on the start time.

Awesome year, some serious gumption was needed to stay out there in the wind and cold.

Send me an email if you want me to use your last name or if there are issues with finish times.

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First Finishers?

Apr 28 2012

Somewhat garbled message from (I think) an Eric and Gaven has them finishing a little after 2:30pm Saturday.

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