2016 and beyond

Aug 08 2015

Starting in 2016, Crush the Commonwealth will always start at 5:00 am on the last Friday of April, from now until no one shows up.

Even years start in Philadelphia at the Liberty Bell.

Odd years start in Pittsburgh at the fountain in Point State Park.

Thanks, comrades.

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2015 Results – Updated!

Apr 26 2015

Thanks for coming out, and thanks to Stef B for being smart enough to get thing rolling as the worlds least involved promoter wasn’t around to kick things off.

Share your trials and tribulations in the comments. I might try to get a finishers list together soon.

See you next year, comrades.




Stef put together this list, correct what needs correcting in the comments, which I think I have turned back on.  Stay tuned for news on the future of Crush the Commonwealth.

2015 CtC finishers

5:15am start Pittsburgh, PA

FINISHING TIMES – Liberty Bell, Philadelphia

Saturday 4/25 11:55am Gavin Biebuyck and Brett

Saturday 4/25 1:15pm? Jason Burgess

Saturday 4/25 1:16pm Stef Burch

Saturday 4/25 3:11pm Paul Kilroy

Saturday 4/25 ??? Tom Swallow & ???

Saturday 4/25 4:50pm Rob Maier & ???

Saturday 4/25 8:32pm Nick M. And Bob B.

Saturday 4/25 8:48pm ???

Saturday 4/25 ??? Erica Jacobs

Saturday 4/25 11:10pm Russell Manski & Mike Maserik

Saturday 4/25 11:16pm Mike Smedes

Sunday 4/26 1:30am Adam Haller & Anna-Lena Kempen

Sunday 4/26/ 4:00AM Gerry Durishan, Suz Falvey & John Maletta

Sunday 4/26 10:09am Shawn Martina & Adam Patrick

Sunday 4/26 3:15pm Justin Chapman

Sunday 4/26 4:30pm Adam Kolonay & ???

Sunday 4/26 6:05pm? Dave Hunt



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Jan 05 2015


A new year is upon us.

It goes down this way in 2015:

5 a.m.
April 24, 2015
Point State Park, Pittsburgh

The route is calling you, is this the year you answer?



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Conquerors? Survivors?

Apr 26 2014

Congrats to all who have completed all or some of the 2014 edition of Crush the Commonwealth.

Check the follow page for lots of photos.

Share your finishing times and stories in the comments below.

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Crush the Commonwealth 2014

Nov 25 2013

5 a.m.
April 25, 2014
Liberty Bell, Philadelphia
See you there

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Totally non-official-just-some-numbers results

Apr 21 2013

Some riders are still out on the course, but here is what I’ve gathered so far. If you see errors or riders missing, just post in the comments.

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Share your ride or follow along

Mar 22 2013

So a lot of folks are live blogging, tweeting, gramming, liking, plus-one-ing and a lot of other stuff, so I’m going to try and centralize the updates for you.

The “official” tag for Instagram or Twitter is #crushthecommonwealth. Yes, it’s long, but you only have to type it in once. Your app will remember it and it will pop up after a few letters. #CTC is already taken by a bunch of random gobbledygook.

Friends, family and rivals can follow your progress on this page.

When you’re done, or quit, you can notify the authorities via that method, and we’ll figure out your total time via the timestamp.

Or you can text! I set up a text inbox. Simply send a text to crushthecommonwealth@textem.net (yes, it will work) and it pops into the inbox. If you feel like testing it out, just send a message and we’ll respond.

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Comments are on

Mar 22 2013

Turned that back on, sorry. If it doesn’t work, just let us know… by… sending a smoke signal or something.

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Dec 29 2012

April 19th, 2013

5:00 AM Point State Park.

Happy New Year, comrades.

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Ride Reports

May 02 2012

Lots of stories in the comments on the previous post and see here:

Eric G

Stef B

Dan B

Matt H (heed the blogger warning if you offend easily)

Anyone else?

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