Want some history?

Feb 25 2009

Some photos and links to the last 3 years of pain and suffering.


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  • i’m so glad this happens. someday someday i won’t be a chicken.

  • I so wan to ride this in ’10. Unless I get really fit between now and May…

    How long to build up taint callouses?

  • max

    forget it, no way, i am not clicking that link…

    part of doing this every year is FORGETTING how much pain was involved in previous attempts.

    funny how you always tend to remember the good and forget the bad. maybe that is part of human survival instinct.

    see you suckas in may. this year it will be sunshine and tailwinds!

  • i’ve been thinking about this the past 2 years…i think this is the year i will finally try it. assuming i can get a week off work (and don’t chicken out), i’m in.

  • oh, i just realized i show up as “Unicycle Ben.” while i do ride a unicycle most of the time, i would be doing this on a bike of some sort. just for clarification.

  • dhd

    Okay, I’m in, tentatively, as long as I survive the 200k on Saturday.

  • hey, has anyone done this without using saddle bags or a rear tire rack? I’m trying to figure out if I can do it with just a bag on my back.

  • apparently they’re called panniers… not saddle bags.

  • I would probably avoid wearing just a backpack. From my experience, one of two things will happen:
    1) Shoulders get sore
    2) Horrible back sweat

    I would spring for a rack and panniers. The little extra weight is worth the long term comfort.

  • I’ve done it with a fully loaded messenger bag and wouldn’t suggest it. sweaty back aside, that’s a lot of weight for many an hour. I wouldn’t see a problem with a small camelbak sized pack lightly loaded but keeping the weight on the bike is ideal.

  • I go out of my way to NOT wear a bag on my back. Much, much kinder to your body.

  • I so want to do it, but have too many races that I have already paid to do, and can’t risk blowing my knee up again this year. Have fun everybody!!

  • thanks for the comments, I’m definitely sold on loading up my bike instead of my back

  • Is anyone planning on taking a bus back to Pittsburgh? I was originally set on taking a train back, until I read that the Philly-Pgh train doesn’t have checked luggage.

    Having never done this ride before, I’m not sure what to expect for a finish time. My plan was just to roll over to the bus station as soon as I finish and buy a ticket for the first bus back to Pittsburgh.

  • I anybody traveling to Pittsburgh from the east (Philadelphia) on the 7th that would have extra room for a fellow cycler and his bike?

    Of course, I would pay some cash.