Apr 25 2009

Less than 2 weeks!

Not much to report on, looks like the back way to McKeesport is closed this year, will probably just ride as a group down 837 to McKeesport unless someone else has a better idea. 5:30 on a Friday morning can’t be too busy right? Safety in numbers….

Just to rehash for those joining us for the first time this year.

-Meet 5am at the fountain
-Neutral start to start of trail in McKeesport
-Ride in an easterly direction for 350 or so more miles
-call me from Liberty Bell

No Support! Carry what you need or find it along the way. While camping has been the choice for most folks, hotels are certainly NOT against the “rules”. Don’t cut the course.

I’ll have some cards at the start with my cell # for finishing or dropping out, email me if you want it earlier than that.

Hmmm, anything else? Not that I can think of.

email with further questions.


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  • Did anyone sleep in the rain last year?

  • Yes

  • anyone shuttling from the east to Pittsburgh on the 7th??

    looking for a carpool.

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  • it seems pretty firm that it’ll be raining the 8th and 9th, any advice from those who roughed it last year?

  • make sure you’re sleeping bag is in a water proof bag! i wear a poncho and slip my arms under it so the poncho goes over the handlebars. this along with fenders keeps me really dry aside from my face.

  • dhd

    The start is the fountain in Point State Park, right? I had heard something about PPG Place…

  • Yep, the fountain. PPG place was used because the Point has been closed the past 2 years.