Is this thing on?

Dec 11 2009

Well, due to earlier than expected requests for more info, I decided to get the ball rolling a bit earlier than usual this year.

Dates I have in mind:

April 30th or May 7th. Leaning hard towards the 7th.

East to West this year, starting in Phllly.

Same time-5:00am.
Same route.
Same rules.

This is a boring event, nothing ever changes, and more of you people show up every year. What is wrong with you?

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  • Me vote is for the 23rd…

  • i’d say the 30th. full moons on the 28th for added illumination.

  • Hmm, The 23rd is a bit close to Sea Otter, and I’m always beat down after that trip. I’m leaning towards the 30th, if not May 7th.

  • The 7th would rock, actually.

    I’m planning to do Calvin’s Challenge on May 1st; I somehow doubt I could start in Philly on the 30th and make it to Ohio in, oh, 28 hours. Plus I might be a bit too wrecked to put on a good showing in a 12-hour race immediately after CTC.

    Not to say that my plans should mean much, but I hope to defend my CTC title this year. 😉

  • I vote for 30th April or 7th May. If the May date it gives me a goal of finishing under 48 hours (an hour for every year I will have lived through by then).

    What is wrong with us indeed?

  • I think the 7th sounds good, if people are planning on doing Calvin’s Challenge.

  • i’d be fine with the 7th.

  • Holiest of shit! Cyclists seemingly agreeing on something without arguing with one another!

    Where did I put that chammy cream???

  • may 7th – don’t punish us further with potentially wet and cold conditions. it makes the trip a lot more fun since ppl are willing to talk with each other when the skies are sunny

  • DC

    Thanks for the update. Rookies don’t get a vote on the date…Your race – your call 🙂

  • dhd

    Looks like there’s a growing consensus for May 7th… do we have a pittsburgh randonneurs schedule yet? I have a conference paper deadline on April 30th, but that isn’t a big deal. I do prefer May 7th personally.

  • Pittsburgh Randonneurs schedule is available here. First 200K is April 19th, the next brevet isn’t until mid-June.

    Most of the routes have yet to be determined (because the route guy has been, uh, slacking), but the dates are pretty firm.

  • MAy 7th seems to be getting the nod, have one more schedule to check, I’m thinking a decision will be made in the next few days.

  • Hi, first time here, definitely interested. Is anybody doing this fixed?

  • I’ve done it in 06 and 07. Maybe I’ll bring back the fix for this year…

  • DC

    We official for the May 7th start date?

  • Who else is looking for a ride pace that one would not consider hammer-head? I’, looking for a 72-80 hour finishing time.

    The guy I was going to ride with has to pull out, and I’m looking for someone else to chat with across the Keystone.