All Systems Go.

Feb 03 2010

May 7th.

Liberty Bell

5:00 A.M

Do it.

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  • DC

    OH BABY….Show up or shut up 🙂 Only 3 months away….Maybe 10 inches of snow in Philly this weekend. Tough training…

  • This will be my first attempt. Can’t wait!

  • I’m in!

  • I’m in!

  • woo! does anyone from previous years have a cue sheet they’d be willing to share?

  • DC

    Bikely from a few years ago…S Route might have been re-routed at a few spots, but this should give you a general idea…

  • dhd

    ok. gonna keep riding up hills repeatedly (going to MoGlo via Christopher and Greenwood streets). hopefully it will hurt less this year!

  • The race is off for me. Broke my hand mountain biking Saturday. Maybe next year. Good luck all.

  • Ben

    here we go!