Changing dates?

Mar 24 2010

Due to an unfortunate scheduling conflict, I’ve been debating moving the date to May 14th.

Would this create undue hardship on any of you? Can’t change vacation plans, etc?

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  • I was set on doing it on the 8th. I guess I would prefer that day. Do with that information what you wish.
    To anyone that reads this I got a lighting sponsor-planet bike. If you live in pittsburgh and are planning on doing the ride stop by the garage on sherod between 44th & 45th st. lowrentsville this Sat. or Sun. march 27th&28th I will give you some goods.


  • i can make the 14th work.

  • I will probably just fly solo if yinz do the later date so disregard my input. I am cool with either.

  • I was just being difficult and I am planning on the later date for now. I guess just keep us informed. I can change my plane ticket if needed.