2011 dates…..

Dec 09 2010

Getting to be that time again.

Looking like late April.

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  • Is everyone else selling their souls for calm, sunny and 60’s yet?

    Time to get off season priced 28mm tyres.

  • max

    after a year off desire is strong…

    with three kids however the legs may not be so strong…

    as always i will do my best to make this one.

    not mothers day weekends this year maybe??? ;-P

  • Mothers’ Day…..

    Bad move on my part.

    Most definitely in late April this year.

  • I vote for starting on the 29th.

  • +1 29th

  • 29th April works for me. Let’s decide this early this year and run with it. Life gets in your way & can’t make it? Sorry…I’m certain those that ride it will think fondly of you.

  • 29th works for me too.

    But how about two weeks later for some potentially nicer weather? Just a thought.

  • April 29th..Less than four months away…

  • Anytime in April is fine, the 29th will be perfect 🙂

    Anyone else got plans for getting themselves and their bikes to PGH from Philly? A few of us from last year have been talking about a one-way rental of either a minivan or a boxtruck if there’s enough people that need their bikes taken out there [they can ride on Greyhound or in the back for 6 hours if they like adventure].

  • Thinking about racing over. Riding back. Is that dumb? Sounds good now, but probably won’t later. 🙂

  • @james: I used the U-haul technique for me, two other guys, and 4 bikes last year. Getting a one-way rental on a van or pickup truck is tough.

    @Tom: If I had a couple more days off, I’d so be up for riding back.

  • I plan on doing a 1 way uhaul rental from the Pottstown, PA area. Leave Thursday AM. Just priced it out on uhaul web site and it looks like a little over $300. I can make stops in Pottstown and Reading for anyone who wants to join in. Post here or send me an email at djcrozier@comcast.net