6th annual!!

Jan 15 2011

April 29th


Point State Park

You know you want to, and you ain’t getting any younger. This is the year for you.

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  • Hard to believe it’s been 6 years already. No excuses this year, I’ll be there to make my fourth cross-state trip.

  • Stoked.

  • I just wanted to let anybody know who might be coming in Sunday rather than Saturday or is planning on leaving Sunday, that Philadelphia is having the broad street run that morning. Broad St runs north to south all the way from north philly down to the ship yard, therefore you might have a really tough time crossing (depending on what time of day on a bike and would need to cross over 676 if you wanted to via car (rt1 and 95 could also get you across) but are north/south of center city.

  • It was my understanding that anyone who finished the CTC before Broad Street starts is actually required to do the 10 miler as the last step of this years CTC…

  • It was my understanding that anyone who finished the CTC before Broad Street starts is actually required to do the 10 miler as the last step of this years CTC…

    Really? Crapola…I was planning on riding Philly’s pallid little imitation of the Dirty Dozen before heading home that morning…no time for both. 😉

  • Pumped for my first CTC.

    FYI – some of the links to the maps are dead.

  • well registration is already closed for broad st. we could always jump in though. well be there cheering people on that morning for the run if anyone else wants to join 🙂

  • Anyone interested in splitting a ride out west?

  • Right now I know myself + 2-3 as well as Fxdwhl are going heading to Pittsburgh. I havnt figured out exactly how were doing it quite yet though.

  • Anyone interested in splitting a ride westward aftwards? I am only going back as far as Altoona (or Bedford), though.

  • Fixed the map links, I think.

    I’m feeling good about this year.

  • Let me know. In for a penny….in for a pound

  • Guys leaving from Philly, Reading, or Pottstown area either count me in or let’s join up for some type of uhaul rental. Uhaul web site has reservations for one way to Pittsburgh at $300ish. Divided by four or five that’s doable…djcrozier@comcast.net

  • only issue with a uhaul is it fits 2, 3 uncomfortably. therefore youd also have to rent a van. i think we came to the conclusion 3 or 4 people w bikes packed/crammed into a van might be the best option.

    so it looks like me + 3 others, fxdwhl, billy b, and darren are looking to get transportation to Pittsburgh? Billy B, leave or send me your email address and we can discuss further with everyone.

  • william.bergstrasser@gmail.com – I’m thinking an extended van could work.

    If necessary I have a 4 bike hitch rack and an extended cab truck…..I would just have to figure out the backside…

  • Not sure what everyone is doing for Lodging in Pittsburgh but the Comfort Inn And Suites (http://www.comfortpittsburgh.com/) is about 2 miles from the start and is showing $70 a night (According to Google). I’ll give them a ring as it gets closer for a possible group rate if we have the interest.

  • max

    in from philly as well to give this mutha yet another go…

    probably 2 others i know of coming and maybe a couple more.

    if you live in philly and want to travel stress free i recommend checking out amtrak.

    you gotta ship your bike out 1 or 2days prior but it isn’t too expensive and you don’t have to worry about anything.

    i will have to talk logistics with my fellow comrades but if things get to crowded that might just be the route i take.

    i took amtrak home 3 from pittsburgh 3 years ago after the ride/race and damn was it nice to sleep and drink beer on a train after it was over asopposed to driving.

    highly recommended if you gotta head back to pittsburgh after this thing and don’t have friends to split the transport with.

    this snow in philthy better f@cking stop soon so i can get out on some rides and get back to commuting or this is gonna be one painful outta shape corss state voyage this year. no matter what i am definitely looking forward to it!

  • I did a little looking. 15 pax van 108 per day + taxes/fuel/tolls….but they won’t rent it 1-way…I have a possible driver who’s willing to make the round trip….let me know

  • I’m getting a ride back west from my sister. So far there will likely be room for at least one. I can check if she doesn’t mind one more rather smelly cyclist in her vehicle.

    She has a standard poodle that will also be in said vehicle. If your canine-phobic you shouldn’t consider this option.

  • What’s the long-term weather outlook for that weekend up in Somerset & Donegal?

    I wonder…would riding this on 32mm tubulars be unwise?

  • max

    i don’t think 32mm tubulars are unwise if you can fix them or have a spare or two in case of a flat.

    the broken pavement on the abandoned turnpike portion is about your biggest worry with smallish tires; and that is only a few miles so having to slow down a litle through there isn’t going to cost you much time.

    hell i plan on rockin 25mm tires again this year (and did so succesfully 2 years back on my last crack at this thing). i am sure you could get away with 23’s if you wanted.

    it is 390 miles of spring time roads with glass and various debri though, so i wouldn’t pull out the super thin racing tubulars. maybe something with a decent flat resistance.

  • I ran 23s last year with no issue and plan on running 25s this go around. Even though it rained a bit last year I didn’t have any issues with the crush limestone trail on the skinny tires. That’s the only place I would say you could have issue since it’s a good stretch. The turnpike is a bit shitty but its short and you can navigate through it. I don’t have any experience with tubulars but would assume it would be more trouble than it would be worth. As for weather, only time will tell.

  • I hope I can do the ride this year. I had to miss the last 3 due to starting new jobs the last 2 and wrecking my back the 3rd.

    When I did it 4 years ago, I hopped a greyhound back to Pittsburgh. They had bike boxes for $10 and the ticket was $60. I don’t remember anything about the ride home except for jello legs when we got to Pittsburgh.

    I’m down for doing a ride-share back to Pittsburgh though if anyone else finishes around the same time.

  • Can anybody recommend a good map of Pennsylvania as a supplement to the route s and allegheny passage maps?

  • DeLorme prints the best road maps available.

  • Was looking at riding Route S that weekend to Philly and came across this page looking for maps.

    Anyone have a place I can crash Thursday night?