Training ride-this weekend in Pittsburgh

Apr 08 2011

If you are not afraid of beards, sandals and recumbents, Reddan is running a couple of training rides this Sunday and the next.

More info here:

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  • I was about to get all indignant over the stereotyping.

    Then, I realized that A) I have SPD sandals in my closet and B) it’s gonna get close to 80 degrees.

    Stereotypes aren’t so bad.

  • How & what are you folks carrying for food between stops? I’m leaning on jersey pockets for supplement foods. Trying to avoid using a Camelbak┬«.

    Mounted my rear rack today. Will be making test rides soon. Could a S24O be in the immediate future?

  • @Apis: For hydration, I’m using a 70-oz Camelbak bladder in a seat back bag (us recumbent dorks have different cargo options), which will carry water with some electrolyte tablets. For nutrition, I’ll have a bottle of Perpetuem and some snacky foods like peanut butter crackers or Fig Newtons.

    If you check out stores that cater to triathlete types, you may find some interesting storage options: underseat cage mounts to carry two bottles behind you, bento boxes to mount to your top tube for food, etc.

  • DC

    Hi, Any of the Pittsburgh folks mind mapping in toaster or bikely the route from the start to where you pick up the trail. I can find my own way, but I want to sure I follow the proper route if thing get hot and fast right out of the gate. If it’s as simple as across the 10th street bridge and down rt 837 then no problem, but if that not right a few directions would be helpful. Thanks!



    Does this do the trick?

    Courtesy of Dan the Red.

  • I’m planning to make sure the speed stays down between Pgh and the start of the trail. It got way to high 2 years ago, mostly my fault for not running any kind of bike computer to keep our speed in check.

  • DC

    TomH / Red Dan, Thanks for the detailed route. From some reason I had the route from Rockwood – east, but not that first part.

    CTC – No worries about the pace out of town. If you’re trying to hit a time goal riding the first 20miles or so under your race pace can be tough to make up. The race is supposed to be self-support, right? I just wanted to be sure I followed the proper route.

    Looking forward to it (I think).



  • [X-posted to Bike-PGH board]

    For this weekend’s long one, I’m thinking that something quirky like this will be fun:
    Southern Squiggle (124 miles, 6700′ climbing, highlights include Mon River, Perryopolis, GAP, and Gill Hall Rd).
    A 90-mile bailout option is built in; at ~ mile 75 in McKeesport, instead of going back up the Mon for the run to Monongahela and Gill Hall, you can head directly back to town for a total ride in the 90-mile range. Otherwise, you’ll get to enjoy the classic Stone Church/Gill Hall climb and a return through the heart of the South Hills for a solid 125 or thereabouts.

  • not sure if I’m doing it this year.. the start of the race overlaps with the start of morel season. but I do feel like I should go on a bike trip. ill probably make up my mind at the last minute.

    But if any one needs a floor to crash on. I should be able to offer that up to a couple out of towers. I’m less than a mile from the point. Look me up on warmshowers. I live in the northside.


  • DC

    This doesn’t bode well for a fast first 100 miles…Still 10 days away, but…

  • Yes, but that’s a whole state away. The GAP is pretty well engineered and drains very well, actually.

  • DC

    I got the GAP and the C and O confused….Forgot half way to Washington that trail changes names…

    Good to hear about the drainage on the GAP…

  • Are reflective vests a good idea for the night? I’m thinking about getting one. As of now, I’m lit up like a Christmas tree and my clothing has reflective elements on it, and was wondering what other people who have done this before are doing. Thanks!

  • @Mike: I have one. Wear it whenever there is a potential to interact with cagers.

  • I also began sewing a DIY front bag a la Berthould, Caradice, et c.

    The stoked has begun.