Less than a week!

Apr 22 2011

Feeling ready?

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  • Yes!

  • No!

  • I want my mommy.

  • DC

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  • my training regimen of beer, sleep deprivation, and overtime at work should really pay off this year.

  • DC

    At least the bike is…




    2000 Serrota
    853 steel cyclo cross frame
    52/36 up front
    12-36 in the rear
    28cc Gaterskins tires
    Planet bike fenders
    Ortlieb panniers
    2 rear Planet Bike Superflashes
    2 Princeton Tec front lights
    Garmin GPS


  • More than last year, but still no, haha.

    See everyone on the party (greyhound) bus from Philly on the 28th!

  • Someone better order out and pay for some proper weather. I do not want to be coping with flurries or lightning over the Laurel Ridge!

    I hope I make the time to test ride my rig with everything strapped to it at least once before Friday AM. This would mean the bar bag gets sewn in time too.

  • dmg

    Still gotta hook up my dynamo taillight – but otherwise, bring it.

  • DC

    Hey veterans,

    Do we meet literally at the fountain/point or up in the park area along commonwealth drive?



  • Oh, is it this weekend?

  • if it is possible (accessible), we met right at the reflecting pond of the fountain in ’09.

  • Meet time/leave time HELP:

    meet at Point State Park at 530am.
    Does the group/ride leave at 530am or at some time AFTER that?

    If the latter, what time does the ride actually DEPART?
    thks, w

  • “Wesley said…

    meet at Point State Park at 530am.”

    Where did you get 5.30am from? I believe the meeting time is 5am..

    Last year at the liberty bell, we arrived a little before 5am roughly in the area of meeting spot, and congregated with other cyclists – we left when it seemed like everyone was there and ready. We may have started a few minutes after 5, but not terribly long at all. According to the blogs, in 2009 the group left 20 minutes late but that’s all.

    P.S. I heard that Crush The Commonwealth refers to a Anti-Royal Wedding protest ride, where a couple of dozen cyclists will ride all day and night to avoid televised coverage of William and Kates nuptials. Is this true??

  • I’m bringing a pedal-powered monitor and for live Internet-streaming coverage of the royal wedding while we ride. The whole setup only weighs 45 pounds, and you can watch if you ride behind me.