Last minute stuff

Apr 26 2011

Ride STARTS at 5:00 AM at the fountain in Point State Park.

Neutral roll out until we get off 837 and onto the new trail. We will be rolling out a bit slower to make sure we don’t drop anyone.

Follow the route. If you get off route, return to the route where you left it.

Call or text to (4one2)980-one219 when you finish if you want your time listed in the annals of CtC.

And of course: No support. Meaning bring what you need to buy/scrounge it along the way.

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  • Yee-haw.

    Picking up the new trail segment starting in Duquesne?

    [Aside: it’s probably a bad sign that I need to type the word “worse” in order to be allowed to post this comment…]

  • We’re planning to carb load (read: pig out on Seitan) at the Double Wide Grill in the south side of PGH, on Thursday night at about 7.30pm ish. If any other out of towners or riders will be in the area you’re welcome to hang out too.

    Our Greyhound bus gets into town at 6.30pm, then we’ll rebuild the bikes and ride to the grill after that.

  • Is there an alternate meeting point given the forecast for the river level to crest @ 20.7 feet on Friday AM?

  • Prolly the street just above it. We’ll all see come Friday AM, no?

  • I doubt it will be hard to find each other at 5am. I’ll be the guy with the bike, beard and blinkie lights.

  • I’ll be the guy with the bike, beard and blinkie lights.
    That’ll narrow it down nicely.

  • DC

    I’m here…10th Ave Holiday Inn…South side…Let’s ride boys!!! (and girls)

  • Are there womens riding this year too? I’ve seen no representation from the fairer sex mentioned so far.

    Weather looks good I hear for the eastbound version. My heart’s been in my throat over that.