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Mar 22 2013

So a lot of folks are live blogging, tweeting, gramming, liking, plus-one-ing and a lot of other stuff, so I’m going to try and centralize the updates for you.

The “official” tag for Instagram or Twitter is #crushthecommonwealth. Yes, it’s long, but you only have to type it in once. Your app will remember it and it will pop up after a few letters. #CTC is already taken by a bunch of random gobbledygook.

Friends, family and rivals can follow your progress on this page.

When you’re done, or quit, you can notify the authorities via that method, and we’ll figure out your total time via the timestamp.

Or you can text! I set up a text inbox. Simply send a text to (yes, it will work) and it pops into the inbox. If you feel like testing it out, just send a message and we’ll respond.

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  • Bah. I hate and fear this fancy-schmancy hashtag-laden techno-jargon.

    For us Luddites, where do we send the carrier pigeon?

  • admin

    You can still email, blog comment, snail mail, or smoke signal.

  • Am I the only guy left who has a cheap phone that is used (only) to talk? I suppose so.

  • bob

    Is anyone making the ride from Philly on Thursday and have an extra spot in their car? I’d gladly split gas and swap stories.

    Or, if anyone wants to split the cost on a rental car to get out there that’s cool too.

    Send me an email:

  • max

    no pre-race smack talk?

    going for a final final shakedown ride tonight on the loaded bike…

    invading pittsburgh thursday to stuff my face with calories and hopefully not drink too many pre ride beers.

    lookin like we might get some weather for this year but hopefully not the whole time we are out there. at least the rain and fronts should give us some tailwind…

    who’s planning to try it without stopping for an overnight?

    no plan for this one… just gonna play it as it goes this year.

    finishing before dark saturday would be nice!

  • DC

    Good luck to all….


  • Stef

    Any official results yet? I don’t think everyone is checking in with their times on twitter.

  • admin

    There are no “official” results. Our UCI accreditation didn’t come through this year.

    I’m pretty sure there are still plenty of riders still out there. We’ll gather up some times and post ’em soon.