Totally non-official-just-some-numbers results

Apr 21 2013

Some riders are still out on the course, but here is what I’ve gathered so far. If you see errors or riders missing, just post in the comments.

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  • bob

    Its bob b at 9:31, not m.

    Mike r finished 8 minutes before us, not on list.

  • admin

    Got it. Thanks Bob!

  • PaulK

    PaulK and bruceN finished 6:30 pm Yesterday

  • Stef

    Great job everyone! All three ladies who started finished!

    I already made a blog in case you guys are interested.

  • Norman Smeal

    Arrived at the Bell at 2:52 pm Saturday.

    Sent a text, but you did not receive.

    I have proof from my spot tracker if necessary.

    Last blip was sent out at 2:58:57.

  • Gavin B

    Epic ride, rode last 200 mi with Kris. Note that Norman S finished at 2:58 pm Sat ahead of us. Kris and I slept 4 hrs a Days Inn in CBurg while Norman slept outside Sheetz for 2 hrs before soloing to third place. Rain was torrential in Bedford.

    Gavin B

  • Kris M

    Had a great time despite the weather. I must thank Mr. Tressler for helping me get through the GAP before the rain, his pace was impressive as hell and it put me in a hole for the rest of the day, haha. It was nice to finish the ride up with Gavin who was also riding incredibly strong. All around this was an awesome event and it was a refreshing break from all the sterile usacycling sanctioned racing I’ve been doing, haha. Events like this are what cycling is all about. Thanks!


  • ruth

    hey i tried to twitter this but it’s not showing up. does anyone happen to have an odometer mileage of the route? thanks.


    My ride report can be found there. Long, detailed and containing plenty of adult language.

  • Tom Oswald