Crush the Commonwealth 2014

Nov 25 2013

5 a.m.
April 25, 2014
Liberty Bell, Philadelphia
See you there

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  • Ron A.

    Anybody looking for a ride back to Philly area? I’ve got a rental minivan with two open slots. Only requirements are you need to be ready to depart PGH 9am Sunday morning (got to be back to work on Monday,) and be willing to share expenses. I estimate rental, fuel and tools to come in about $300 total. If we get 2 additional riders, we split that 4 ways. First two interested parties to contact me are in. Thx, Ron – rwanderson at optonline dot net

  • mm fs

    Anyone have any good public transportation options back east out of Pittsburgh?

    I’ve seen some postings about Amtrak, but they officially don’t allow bikes.

    Greyhound seems like the only option, provided they offer boxes in Pittsburgh.

  • PaulKilroy

    Good luck guys – I’m taking this year off but will be back in 2015…

  • Tom Hovan

    Ok, nobody is allowed to comment on the weather forecast. It’s sorta like talking about p_nct_r_s – just don’t do it unless you want the worst to happen.

  • Two Dee Man

    I haven’t had a flat tire in over 5 years.

  • I had hoped to ride again this year but it ain’t happening unfortunately… Have fun and be safe everyone!