Conquerors? Survivors?

Apr 26 2014

Congrats to all who have completed all or some of the 2014 edition of Crush the Commonwealth.

Check the follow page for lots of photos.

Share your finishing times and stories in the comments below.

13 responses so far

  • Colin

    Stef Burch. 9:43pm Saturday.

  • ryan popple

    Ryan Popple 10:50pm saterday

  • ujgreg

    Greg Allan, Adam Haller and John Arita 1:10am Sunday

  • Ron A.

    Chris N. And Ron A. 6:19am Sunday (ouch.)

  • Stef Burch

    here is a report. may or may not make sense.

  • Sarah Pearman 2:44am Sunday

  • John Burke

    Kai Carter 2:29 pm Monday
    John Burke 2:30 Monday

  • Nate Kemphues

    Nate Kemphues 19:30 Sunday 4.27.2014. Due to Amtrak mishaps I missed start, left 30th St Station at 13:00 Friday, but more than made up for missing two miles with wrong turns.

  • Adam Haller
  • Shawn Martina

    Shawn Martina: I swear I posted this on here before, but I don’t see it. I finished Sunday 27 April 2014 at 8:41 PM.

  • mm fs

    I tweeted it, but it doesn’t appear in the list – 11:16 am Sunday Mike from Brooklyn crushed it!

  • Paul Kilroy

    2015 Anyone?

  • mm fs

    Ready to crush it in 2015!