Jan 05 2015


A new year is upon us.

It goes down this way in 2015:

5 a.m.
April 24, 2015
Point State Park, Pittsburgh

The route is calling you, is this the year you answer?



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  • Dan Blumenfeld

    Heh. This may be a good year to get back in the CtC-saddle, as it were.

  • Will

    Looking forward to my first go at this awesome challenge!

  • ethan

    Hey- Some friends told me about this ride. Where/when can I get more infos? thx e

  • bob

    Ethan: http://danieljblumenfeld.com/CtCFAQ.html#eastbound is the route. That’s pretty much all the info you need.

    Anyone from Philadelphia have a plan for getting out to Pittsburgh this year?

  • Guest

    I did this in 2007 and had a blast. I started riding long rides again last year and feel I can better my 66hr ride back then. Hope to make it on time to Point Park for the early start hahaha.

    I actually made a really nice hill / mileage chart years ago of the route To go with your maps. I’ll post it if I ever find it.


    Adam “aerobars”

  • rs

    Adam “aerobars” – does that mean I am going to take a ribbing if I show up with aerobars on my bike? I put them on tonight to see if they gave me some more comfortable options riding.

  • rs

    Anyone heading to Pitt from the center part of the state?

  • Adam

    People laughed their asses off at mine — until they saw how fast I could go downhill. I was in such bad shape though that it was the only way I could even keep up with the main groups I rode with until Saturday afternoon when I just had to go my own pace.

    I have MUCH nicer aerobars now than I did last time — and back then I had built the bike I rode from an old Cannondale touring frame up, the weekend before the ride and only rode it a mile beforehand. Now I’ve had that same bike since 2007 and have taken it on thousands of miles of long bike rides. It is MUCH more dialed in and comfortable than it was then.

    It’s a frankenbike built with a hodge podge of mountain bike, time trial, touring, and road bike parts all mixed together. Anyone who rode that year would probably recognize it again.

  • rs

    Good deal. Well if I make it there I will watch for you… I will be the other guy with aero bars… 😉

  • Eric Greenberg

    Dan, I may get back in the CtC groove again. it would be fun to cruise together.

  • Dan Blumenfeld


  • max s

    hey are you two really riding this year? i might be convinced into on more trip across the state as well…

  • Dan Blumenfeld

    I’m seriously thinking about it, yes.

  • Adam

    Does anyone have the PDF of Bike Route S? They don’t have it online anymore — or is it so far out of date that it’s now useless?

    I remember in 2007 getting off course in Lancaster and eventually finding my way back on-course without much effort, but I used the map to find my way back when it happened.

    Or have the areas where there were missing signs been taken care of?

  • Adam

    I know for sure I have the pdf on an old hard drive, but I’d have to dig around for it.

    If nobody else has one, and wants one I’ll go and find it in my archives.

  • adamgnewman
  • Adam


    I just typed in the start / end point in google maps — and I had to drag one point near rockwood to snap to “Route S” where it wanted me to keep on the GAP trail farther — and it looks pretty damn accurate

  • Adam

    I have a GPS that runs a whole day on 2 AA batteries — I can definitely import one of these gpx files to have a route to follow on-screen.

    To hell with paper 🙂

  • max s

    just figured out i can’t this year…
    see you in 2 years?

  • Will

    FYI-if you haven’t already checked hotel rooms in Philly for Sat night, they are going at sky high prices that weekend. Something is up other than our little wildcat race.

  • bob

    I’ve navigated the past two years using only the PA Bike route S signs. The only missing sign I remember going towards Philly is the slight right from Kimberton onto Coldstream. The route is remarkably well marked otherwise.

  • Eric Greenberg

    Oof! lets shred sometime soon Max!

  • Eric Greenberg

    I can host for the night if you dont mind the floor/couch.

  • Will

    Thanks Eric. Appreciate the offer, but we have a small entourage of spouses picking our group up. We’re looking to have them stay in King of Prussia and then roll into the city when we get close. Any suggestions for other places a bit out of town?

  • Will

    Thanks Eric. Appreciate the offer, but we have a small entourage of spouses that are picking us up. We’re looking at having them stay in King of Prussia and then roll in when we get close. Open to any suggestions of other places slightly out of the city but close to I76.

  • Jayfb

    I have decided to do this as my first long training ride of the year, in prep for RAAM in June. Can someone tell me does the group start promptly at 5am? When do people start showing up at Point Park? I down loaded that Ride with GPS map on to my computer and tried it this week. But found my GPS unit (GARMIN 800) to be useless in the city. And not being from Pittsburgh I want to make sure I can at least follow a group out of the city until my computer starts routing accurately. My RAAM race page is ww.jasonfburgess.com see you all in a few weeks.
    thanks Jason

  • Will

    Jayfb – first time for me too, but here’s a link to some blogs that detail all the adventure pretty well.


    Also, if you hadn’t seen the CtC thread on the BikePgh web site, check out this link. Some recent discussion about the standard neutral roll-out for the first 15 or so miles. There should be plenty of folks that know where they going and I’m sure you could fit into one of them if they decide do otherwise.


  • Gavin B

    Going to ride it again this year after a 1-year absence. Headed to Pitt from Reading, PA area this Thursday and am staying in hotel downtown a few block from the Point if anyone needs a ride or place to stay before the ride. Hoping the rain keeps the dust down on the GAP! Fat tires, low psi my friends.

  • bob

    dust down, peanut butter up

  • bob

    relatively prompt, people show maybe fifteen minutes early at most. ride is pretty much neutral until it gets to the trail.

    i would be wary of using the gps for the abandoned turnpike portion. be aware of where it starts and ends. google street view is your friend.

    small trail closure to report on the philly side adds 50 meters to distance. short and well-signed. the portion closed from last year is open again.

  • Stef Burch

    it will be nice to see you again. you’re gonna kill it!

  • Adam

    I decided to roll with a cue sheet this year.

    Here’s a PDF you can fold into quadrants, and I will bring some laminated copies with me for the ride.


    If anyone sees any mistakes let me know and I can correct them beforehand. A few were pointed out earlier and I’ll just keep updating the URL with the most recent version as changes are made.

  • Gavin B

    Nice cue sheet! Only confusing thing I see is the Pughtown Rd issue at Kimberton where you want to “Bear Right onto Coldstream Rd” at about Mile 349.6 (Kimberton Rd goes L). Take Coldstream S across Rt 113 to the TL at Charlestown Rd.
    Also may want to note that the SRT is accessed from a parking lot on the left side of Pawlings Road before the bridge over Rt 422 4-lane highway.
    The SRT dumps you onto Main Street in Manayunk (mile 374.5). I suggest taking the sidewalk after Main Street merges with Ridge Ave as you leave town and then a right on the sidewalk at the “entrance ramp” immediately after the bus station to get back on the SRT at about Mile 375.3 instead of taking Ridge Ave and Calumet to Kelly Drive.
    Lastly I prefer to stay left (clockwise) around the Art Museum and take the Ben Franklin Parkway to Race Street (L) at the second circle to 6th Street (R) to Chestnut.

  • Adam

    Nice. I remember being totally clueless once I got past Manayunk. I ended up stopping at a Dunkn Donuts to get an iced coffee through the slot of a 6″ bulletproof glass window and then getting chased for a few miles through the ghetto while people were yelling “YO YO!!! NICE BIKE, SLOW DOWN YO!!!!!”

    I also ran into a thick cable stretched across what I thought was the trail. It was slack enough it was like running into a bungie cord vs being flipped over my handlebars.

    I’ll see if I can make more sense of that on the cue sheet, but I’m a Pittsburgher and pretty clueless when it comes to Philly.

  • Adam

    I just looked at the cue sheet. I made several updates after someone pointed out that the Pittsburgh section was WAY OUT of whack (due to construction in previous years). I found a different GPX route to grab the waypoints from and updated it several times as I saw mistakes.

    I didn’t see the “Coldstream Rd” reference in the version I have up there now.

    The latest PDF will always be at that URL.

    I am gonna laminate a bunch on Thursday around lunch and call it done then.

  • Adam


    That is the GPX link I found the latest cue sheet from. All I saw was missing was the left onto the abandoned turnpike.

    If the philly section is all whacked feel free to let me know where to find an accurate cue sheet.

  • Gavin B


    This is map I made from end of GAP starting at paved road at Rockwood to Philly. I had to spend a couple hours making my cue sheet because RidewithGPS cue sheet lists obscure SR#s instead of road names sometimes. Includes the Coldstream Rd BR cue at Kimberton at mile 244 (or about 350 from Pitt). The SRT cues are largely unhelpful – just continue on SRT to the Art Museum and barrel down the huge Ben Franklin Blvd towards Market Street and onward to east side of Philly

  • bob

    Unless you have the legs to keep up with Saturday traffic around Eakins Oval, staying on the trail one the right side of art museum might be a bit safer. There is a small, steepish dip down under a bridge and once you pop back up on the other side bear left before the skate park and get on the road. There is a “bike lane” on that side and you don’t have to merge across three+ lanes of murderous traffic.

    This map describes the section from boathouse row to the liberty bell in detail https://goo.gl/maps/Clcmn

  • bob

    The hardest parts are recognizing the right turn onto the SRT past manayunk and getting around the art museum.

    The trail isn’t labelled at all past downtown manayunk. Take the main st out of town. You’ll pass a movie theater on your right in a little bit and go up a short, shallow incline. After the light you will see a bus station on your right; this is the time to get on the sidewalk. Cross a little bridge and make the 90 degree righthand turn (staying on the sidewalk). It looks sort of like an on ramp to a highway. The trail will take you to the art museum with no issue.

  • Good luck dude!

  • Anna-Lena Kempen

    Anna-Lena K & Adam H made it in 1:40am Sunday