2015 Results – Updated!

Apr 26 2015

Thanks for coming out, and thanks to Stef B for being smart enough to get thing rolling as the worlds least involved promoter wasn’t around to kick things off.

Share your trials and tribulations in the comments. I might try to get a finishers list together soon.

See you next year, comrades.




Stef put together this list, correct what needs correcting in the comments, which I think I have turned back on.  Stay tuned for news on the future of Crush the Commonwealth.

2015 CtC finishers

5:15am start Pittsburgh, PA

FINISHING TIMES – Liberty Bell, Philadelphia

Saturday 4/25 11:55am Gavin Biebuyck and Brett

Saturday 4/25 1:15pm? Jason Burgess

Saturday 4/25 1:16pm Stef Burch

Saturday 4/25 3:11pm Paul Kilroy

Saturday 4/25 ??? Tom Swallow & ???

Saturday 4/25 4:50pm Rob Maier & ???

Saturday 4/25 8:32pm Nick M. And Bob B.

Saturday 4/25 8:48pm ???

Saturday 4/25 ??? Erica Jacobs

Saturday 4/25 11:10pm Russell Manski & Mike Maserik

Saturday 4/25 11:16pm Mike Smedes

Sunday 4/26 1:30am Adam Haller & Anna-Lena Kempen

Sunday 4/26/ 4:00AM Gerry Durishan, Suz Falvey & John Maletta

Sunday 4/26 10:09am Shawn Martina & Adam Patrick

Sunday 4/26 3:15pm Justin Chapman

Sunday 4/26 4:30pm Adam Kolonay & ???

Sunday 4/26 6:05pm? Dave Hunt



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  • Adam Patrick

    Saturday 4/25 4:50pm Rob Maier & ???
    ?? = andrew orischak